Indoor Championships

This year we had our Indoor Championships on the same night as the postal League and we had some great results!

Congratulations to all our winners!

Gents Results - 1st Pete Clayton,   2nd Brendan Macrae,   3rd Alan Martin.

                               Gents 1st   Gents 2nd    Gents 3rd

 Ladies Results - 1st Margaret Martin,   2nd Kay Smith,   3rd Phyllis Pettett.

                              Ladies 1st   Ladies 2nd   Ladies 3rd

Novice Results - 1st Martin Strang,   2nd Christine Davidson,   3rd David Brumby.

                             Novice 1st    Novice 2nd   Novice 3rd

Junior Results - 1st Joanne Whyman,   2nd Luke Horner,   3rd Jack Aitken.

                         Junior 1st    Junior 2nd   Junior 3rd

 Gents Other Bow style - Willie McCutcheon, 

                        Other Bow 1st

 Most Improved Handicap over the Indoor Season - Martin Strang,

                         Handicap Winner