Competition Successes - Summer 2016

As our outdoor season comes to an end we look back at the successes of our competing members and our congratulations go out to them all!
As we also approach the indoor season we hope that we can encourage more of you to go out and see how much fun it is to compete and perhaps catch the competition bug!
It's great to meet up with other archers and make new friends, everyone is so friendly and you always look forward to meeting up with them again at all the events.
Outdoor Championships 2016
Our club outdoor championships were held on Sunday 18 September 2016, and although we had a really poor turnout everyone that took part had a great day which was followed by a lovely picnic.  Congratulations to all our winners!
Senior Ladies                                                            Senior Gents                                                 
1st Patricia Malone - Gold Medal + Trophy           1st Alan Martin - Gold Medal + Trophy       
2nd Phyllis Pettett - Silver Medal                                                                                                     
3rd Kay Smith - Bronze Medal
Senior 50m Round
1st Steve Masterman - Gold Medal
2nd Liz Seaman - Silver Medal
Novice Gents                                                      Juniors
1st Martin Strang Gold Medal + Trophy          1st Joanne Whyman - Gold Medal + Trophy
                                                                             2nd Vaila Campbell - Silver Medal
Captain's Medal - Patricia Malone
Winners Group

Patricia  Phyllis  Kay  Alan  Steve  Patricia Captains Medal

    Liz  Martin  Joanne  Vaila


3rd - 4th September 2016 Penicuik Double WA1440

A great result with Phyllis taking the Ladies Recurve Silver Medal and Nessa the Bronze, the reason everyone is in pink and not wearing club colours is because the shoot was raising funds for Breast Cancer and Brain Tumor Cancer, the organisers Penicuik Archers have been raising funds all year for these charities and their target was £1000, they smashed that to raise almost double £1900!

Penicuik P N 

28th August 2016 Scottish U2, Junior, Novice and Disability Championship which was also open to all archers.

A great result for Patricia who won the Ladies Recurve Silver Medal for the Hereford round.

13th - 14th August 2016 Bannockburn WA1440 rounds.

On the Saturday congratulations go to Toni for winning the Ladies Longbow Gold Medal and also Phyllis for winning the Ladies Recurve Gold Medal with Nessa taking the Bronze.

On the Sunday again Toni won the Ladies Longbow Gold Medal, Nessa won the Ladies Recurve Silver Medal and Phyllis took the Bronze.

30th - 31st July 2016 Balbardie Double WA720 & WA1440

A fantastic result from Toni winning the Ladies Longbow Gold Medal on both days!

3rd July 2016 Glasgow Archers American Shoot.

This is a fun shoot that is run by Glasgow Archers every year and it's an Amercan round which is an imperial round shooting 21/2 doz arrows at 60yds, 50yds and 40yds.

They also do a Mini American round which is 21/2 doz arrows at 40yds, 30yds and 20yds and this is aimed at archers who have never shot in a competition before or have never shot further than 40 yds so is a great opportunity for people to try out a competition for the first time in a really relaxed environment!

This year Nessa took second place for the Ladies Recurve category and Phyllis was Third.
Midsummer National County Tournament - Lilleshall. 
Congratulations to Patricia and Phyllis who were selected to shoot for the East Area of Scotland Ladies Recurve Team at the National County Championships at Lilleshall! - Phyllis shot a personal best on the Sunday, a great feat in such an environment!

Lilleshall this year

Once again the EA had great success with the Ladies Compound Team winning the Gold Medal, the Gents Recurve Team missed out on the Bronze Medal by just 1 Point!! The Ladies Recurve Team finished in 14th Place!

A fantastic result all round when you consider we were up against all the English county teams where some of them had two+ teams entered for each discipline!

19th June 2016 - Pentangle Event

This is a competition between 4 areas - North of Scotland, East of Scotland, Durham and Cumbria - this year Toni, Patricia and Phyllis were selected to shoot for the East Area of Scotland, unfortunately there was a shortage of people this year to make up full teams for all the categories and so the Overall Pentangle Trophy went to Durham with the East Area Ladies Compound coming in 2nd and Ladies Recurve and Ladies Longbow coming in 3rd.

15th May 2016 - Clyde Arrows Double WA 720

Congratulations to Patricia who won the Ladies Recurve Bronze Medal.

14th - 15th May 2016 Penicuik Double WA1440

Great result with Toni winning the Ladies Longbow Gold Medal and Patricia coming in 2nd for the Ladies Recurve on the Saturday!

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