European Archery Championship 2016, Nottingham.

The 24th European Archery Championship finals took place on 28th – 29th May. Teams from 44 countries competed at the event and for the top spots within the Old Market Square in the heart of Nottingham. The event was especially significant because it was used to award Olympic places for Rio 2016 for some of the countries and individual archers. You can read about the event and see the results here:; or go to World Archery website here:

Or you can ask all about it our very own club members who went there for the recurve event and enjoyed an amazing archery showdown in historical City of Nottingham. See phots of Phyllis, Nessa, Pete and Maya huddled up the venue at the end of the day, and Pete and Maya being star struck by the 2008 Olympic gold medallist Viktor Ruban!

P.S. The people of Nottingham really do stretch out the Robin Hood connection and use the name and image everywhere. No really, everywhere! :)