Penicuik Archers Penny Shoot

Over the weekend of 20th & 21st June Penicuik Archers held their annual Penny Shoot which consisted of two days of shooting.  This year the first day was a WA 70m round followed by H2H Rounds, the 70m round was a ranking round and all the archers were seeded for the H2H.  The second day was a WA 1440 round and the awards were given out on the results of the combined placings from both days.

Alan Martin and Patricia shot a single day on the Sunday, both shot well and Patricia was 3rd in the Ladies Recurve, quite an achievement considering the very windy conditions! Well done Patricia!

Phyllis & Nessa took part in the full weekend event with a great result - Phyllis was awarded the Silver medal and Nessa the Bronze along with two lovely prizes of engraved Crystal Glasses! Well done girls!

                        Penicuik 21.06.15 450x800                   Penicuik Glasses 21.06.15 450x800