Indoor Championships 2015

Kirsten Sweeps the Board!

What a fantastic championships for one of our novices Kirsten Cassidy who not only became the Senior Novice Recurve Champion but also won the Lady Recurve Award.  In Addition to this Kirsten won the Ian Wells Handicap Improvement Trophy with a fantsatic handicap improvement of 23 points!

Well done Kirsten a fantastic start to your 1st Archery Year!

Kirsten 6      Kirsten 8    Kirsten 5

Congratulations also go to our other Champions;

Gents Recurve - Pete Clayton

Junior recurve - Vaila Campbell

Longbow - Toni Smillie

Traditional Horse Bow - Moira C Taylor

Recurve Barebow - Robyn Youdan                                                                    

Full FCA Indoor Championship Awards 25 March 2015    
1st Gent  Pete Clayton  555  Trophy & Medal
2nd Gent Brendan McRae   539 Medal
3rd Gent Peter Jack 523 Medal
1st Lady Kirsten Cassidy 541 Trophy & Medal
2nd Lady Kay Smith 512 Medal
3rd Lady Nessa Dunsmore 505 Medal
Junior Recurve:
1st Junior Vaila Campbell  259 Trophy & Medal
Senior Novice Recurve:
1st Kirsten Cassidy 541 Trophy & Medal
1st Toni Smillie 294 Medal
Traditional Horsebow:
1st Moira C Taylor 326 Medal
Recurve Barebow:
1st Robyn Youdan    362 Medal
Ian Wells Handicap Improvement Trophy:
Kirsten Cassidy – Improvement of 23


FCA Indoor Ladder Awards 25 March 2015    
1st Gent  Gerry Loggie 553  
1st Lady Nessa Dunsmore 552  
1st Junior Vaila Campbell  253  
1st Gent Chris Brind 170  
1st Lady Toni Smillie 341  
Traditional Horsebow:
1st Gent Willie McCutcheon 380  
1st Lady Moira C Taylor 393  
1st Junior Ben Kirk 339  
1st Gent Willie McCutcheon 483  
1st Robyn Youdan    418