Archery is a very safe sport because all archers adhere to strict safety guidelines published by Archery GB. These guidelines are followed to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

Each club night there will be a designated member who will act as 'Field Captain' in control of the shooting. You must always adhere to the instructions of the Field Captain.

Here is a Summary of The Rules:
Archery is a very safe sport because ALL archers obey these rules at all times.
The rules are not given in any particular order.

1. Obey the whistle signals at all times. These are
One blast - safe to start shooting
Three blasts - safe to go and collect arrows

2. If you hear the word - FAST - do not shoot. Come down and take the arrow from
the bow. If you see a potential hazard, shout FAST loudly and clearly to indicate the hazard

to other archers. Alternatively the whistle should be blown continuously.

3. Only put an arrow in a bow when you are on the shooting line, facing the target
and one blast of the whistle has been signalled.

4. Always check that your arrows are the correct length.

5. Never, ever, point a bow at anyone.

6. Never pull back the string of a bow to full draw and then release it unless you are
shooting an arrow. You could damage the bow.

7. Never run up to a target to collect arrows. You may stand on an arrow lying on the
ground. This is especially important outdoors. Always approach the target from the

8. If you wish to practice your draw, then do so facing a wall, without an arrow in the

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