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Archery is the only sport where :

  • a junior novice archer might shoot at the same target as an Olympic Champion.
  • a disabled archer can shoot against an able bodied archer.

In the same event and on equal terms!

Archers use three basic bow types :

A longbow, as seen in films like Lord of the Rings and Robin Hood. Commonly made from yew, this type of bow is a one piece part, typically up to 6 feet in length and draw weights of compounds.

A recurve, where the bow bends back on itself and where aids such as sights and stabilisers are allowed. This will often be made of metal alloy 'risers' and laminated limbs of wood or manmade materials.

A compound, where a series of pulleys allow an archer to draw (pull back) a much more powerful bow with less effort. Aids are allowed here also.

Each type of bow is available in differing draw weights (pull strength) to make allowances for the stature and physique of the archer.
Even the lightest of bows can shoot an arrow with enough power to penetrate wood or corrugated iron. The heavier the bow the more penetrating power there is - some with as much, if not more penetrating power as a bullet from a revolver. It is important therefore that every archer goes through a training period, learns, and follows the rules. As a result archery is one of the safest sports.

Archery in Britain :
Takes two main forms:

  • Target - this can be done indoors or outdoors, where archers shoot at recognised
    distances, up to 100yds outdoors, at a single target.
  • Field - where archers shoot (as in golf ) at a series of targets, at different
    distances, of different size. Obviously outdoors only.

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